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Growth is measure in knowledge. Stay curious and stay creative. Anything and everything of a repeating lesson can be learn and explore through a lifetime. Keep pursuing for a better future. Don't be fully satisfy with where you are now, keep reaching for a brighter day. No one can do it for you, but everyone CAN help you get there.

Stretch, and run! Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

It finally happened! Branching off to different things. Q1 2015.

Q1 2015 has been a amazing start of a year for me. I met many new people, acquiring new forms of energy to influence my work, new mediums to work with and all around inspiring. Thank you so much to everyone for being part my life and making everything happen. You know who you are and your modesty need no proper introductions. Thank you to all my Friends, Close Friends and Families. Without further a dues, here are some quick reviews:

1. Pui Che Illustrated. Digital. Traditional. Sketch. - This booklet is a collection of very fine-art-like tiny pieces of work that i been painting in late 2013 to early 2015. It is a introduction to what could be possibly even a larger convergences of opportunities and possibilities. If you like where this is heading, please feel free to help support me in this endeavor as i am currently planing on working on a Vol.2- of which already is double in size of what Vol.1 currently has.

-You can support me by reviewing or purchasing my booklet as a eBook on Amazon Kindle at Here.

-The Physical Booklet will also be available in a limited edition of 100 Print-runs that can either be ordered directly at conventions that i will be at, or you can email me at and i will ship one to you(Additional shipping costs for international friends). Each booklet are finely wrap in a Frosty Sleeve with clean text on the outside. Decorate with fine designs. No texts on the cover. Individually Sign, Dated, and comes with a limited edition of a painting print that is featured in the book(sign and dated aswell!).

2. Two(2) New Illustrations in the works that will be the center of my focus of Q2 Convention.

-"Till We Find Each Other Again"- a fan-art Illustration of both Ghibli's Arrietty and Spirited Away cross-over. This piece will depict the shy and fragile Chihiro and her family's initial journey into the world of Spirited Away. And Post-Arrietty, Where Experienced Arrietty, Pod, Homily and Spiller are in search of a new home. My Equally Ghibli-Fan friend Deniz Yildiz will be giving a proper tribute on the Character Art in this piece way better than I ever could. Hence this will be a fantastic Collaboration between this very old friend of mine.


-Radical Dreamers: Clouds of the Sea. A tribute to one of my all time favorite classic PS1 game- Chrono Cross.


Both Journeys will prove to be a exciting one!


3. Card Games and Game related possibilities too!? What could those be! Staytune to fine out, I am super psyched to be working on these two projects.

hi guys, it looks like we are picking up some nice traffic here over at dA, keep it coming!

you can also visit my Portfolio over at:

Freelance/Commision status: Available
Errr been a bit busy and away from the DA community.  will drop by with some exciting news in the coming weeks!

Is at it again. LiveStream. Starts in 10mins.
Artist Interview at EatSleepPaint. Check it!…

More exciting news to come in the coming months. Stay tune. Cheers
Cyphan was a great experience. got to meet lots of new friends and networking opportunity.

Now i am ready for some more commission again.

Same pricing::

$80 for full character high quality render.
$25 for additional background.

and as always, lets roll some dices ^_-.


come one come all to the spectacular realm of the awesomeness of fantasy fiction!

I'll be at the Artist Isles along with kuroart and emiDyne !

come chill with us folks!
Pricing are subject to negotiation and may vary depending on your Charisma skill rate; mine is pretty low, so just roll your dice! XD

The printable version will be 11X17 with 300 dpi. so a perfect size for any wall or poster that your looking to hang up of your favorite image; mine, well I mean yours!

$80 for 1 character illustration.
$25 for background

just roll your dice if you want to add more stuff in!

email at:: Isoriai(at) for additional pricing and bartering.